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In 2003, Jesus Christ began to enlarge ROJCLMI's territory, and restructure the administration of the ministry.  It then became clear that membership would not only enhance the ministry but would enlarge the ministry's territory.


Membership with ROJCLMI is unique.  The members may participate as much, or as little as they wish.


Membership is open to the Christian community in general.  However, because ROJCLMI respects the headship of Pastors (shepherds) as coverings for their members, (sheep) pastoral consent forms are attached to each ROJCLMI application.  Pastors should know about, and approve of the ministry activities of their members.


Membership with ROJCLMI require that you volunteer to serve in the correctional institutions.  However, if you choose service in penal institutions, you will be asked to meet the volunteer requirements of the facilities as well as those of ROJCLMI.

To join fill out the contact info below and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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