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Why waste cans when you can be a blessing for souls. 
Your aluminum cans will make a difference in someone’s life. 
Help us make a difference “
Today we had but I spoke to the youth and we came up with a plan to make our desires a reality. 
In the early 90’s when my (Apostle Hood-Stanton) biological children were teenagers, I found myself surrounded by youth.  I decided to challenge those youth to build a church in India.  Before we meet I inquired of the Lord how we could be successful in this venture.
Recycling is easier and more convenient than ever.  Yet according to the Aluminum Association, the rate of aluminum recycling has dipped to its lowest level since 1986.  That’s disturbing news to some environmentalists who fear that Americans may be losing their enthusiasm for recycling. 

The youth began to see each can as a soul! They would climb over a fence, bend their bodies into uncomfortable positions to reach out toward unreachable circumstances and retrieve what we considered “a soul”.  Some cans were filled with garbage and had to be emptied.  Through all of these experiences, the youth developed a sincere concern for the souls of men.  Through the laboring of the youth, the Church building was financed.
Will you join us and our concern by donating your cans? You can make a difference! 
YES you CAN!
ROJ will...

  • provide all supplies

  • provide training

  • schedule all pick ups

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