(Destiny Empowered Women)

 "Empowerment to fulfill one's destiny and to equip others to fulfill theirs.."


Destiny Empowered Women are women who have decided to investigate and become the New Testament Proverbs 31 woman.


DEW allows many opportunities for women of God of all ages and levels of spiritual relationships to fellowship together utilizing their talents and giftings.  


DEW is headed by Apostle Rene' G. Hood-Stanton who has a great desire for the women of God to walk in the fullness of God's purpose, to flow in the leadership of the Spirit, to be united in love while grounded and rooted in the bond of peace.  


DEW allows women to meet at different times of the year to be seeded and watered!


Root of Jesse Ministerial Team takes the Church behind the walls of prisons to a captivated audience.  Our mission is to cultivate the souls of the inmates with the love and grace of God by sowing the good seed of the gospel. Our goal is to build accountability partners to aid inmates to continue their discipleship with Christ once they are released from prison.  


Root of Jesse understands the interests and abilities of its volunteers and the needs of the participants and believes with your help and assistance we can fulfill the “Great Commission”.


T: 240-353-3196​


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